Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Searching for shorebirds

Sunday we ventured out in the canoe one more time.....

It was a beautiful morning....

There was a Pied Billed Grebe family right off of the boat launch...

and Great Blue fact we saw more Heron out there than we've ever seen - at least 14 of them! 

kept hearing some snuffling and spotted this River Otter.....just off of Eagle Point Park.

there were quite a few Mallard out there this time...all in their 'eclipse' or non-breeding plumage.

Here we are over by the Harrison...a lot more solid ground out there and a whole lot less water!

There are a couple more of those Heron...there were actually 3 of them juggling positions in this spot.

This branch of the Chehalis is really shallow now, in fact we just barely made it to that grass over there.

and there, poking along the shore were these Least Sandpipers....there were actually 3 here and we saw a couple in another spot.

and then I spotted a Greater Yellow-legs Sandpiper...further along and again, we saw a couple in other spots.

and just by the above Yellow legs, was this young Spotted Sandpiper.  This guy would have been born here, unlike the yellow-legs and least that are now migrating through.

So that was it for the last canoe trip of the season.  Now we are off for a few days, not sure where, some where not to far away as we have to back for appointments next week.  

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