Saturday, August 3, 2013

Goldfinch and Juncos

Haven't ventured out of the yard today except for a quick walk to the boat launch, and of course, since I hadn't taken my camera, there was a pair of Pied Billed Grebe there, along with a number of Canada Geese.

What I had to show though is the number of 

American Goldfinch...I've been mentioning them for a while now but today was amazing....with the exception of one male, all of the above are young ones.  At one point I counted 39 of them in just this one spot!

here is a bit closer look at some of the youngsters, these ones on the other side of the house.

Speaking of youngsters....

Had a family of Dark-eyed Junco around today.  Both parents (one on the right) and 3 or 4 youngsters...only one in this picture.

Also of note today, at one point I looked up to see 4 Turkey Vultures circling over head.  There haven't been nearly the numbers of Turkey Vultures this year as we've seen in the past.

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