Thursday, August 22, 2013

Checking in - briefly!

We've been back for a couple of days but today was the first I had a chance to take a bit of a walk....

The water level has dropped a bit more but still remains fairly high....

although the trail to the park is starting to re-emerge.

Although it was completely quiet 'bird-wise' while I was there, I did notice that the Pacific Water Parsley is coming into full flower after months of being submerged.

I have also noticed a fair amount of bird activity in the park though...especially around my neighbours crop of grapes!

this young American Robin just one of many enjoying the bounty.  Now I'll post a few pictures from our most recent trip....but before I do I must mention I've seen a lot of Dark-eyed Junco since we got home which is unusual as where we have just spent 5 days and where we normally see Junco, we didn't see a single one.

Cedar Waxwing were another story.  We have Cedar Waxwing here, also enjoying the grapes.

at Tunkwa Lake they were enjoying juniper berries as well as wild Raspberries.

Lots of young ones too, many still begging food from their parents.

I've also noticed a lot of Pine Siskin since we've come home and there were lots of those at Tunkwa too...

again, many with young ones still being fed.

This seems like a good time to let you know that there won't be any postings for the month of September as we are heading east to the Rockies and southern Alberta, but we'll be back the beginning of October, just in time for the Salmon and the Eagles to start arriving.  I might get another post or two done before we leave...but in case I don''ll know why.

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