Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still rising…..

and the water levels continue to rise – again…

July 13'11 001

The path now completely underwater – for the 3rd time this year…

July 13'11 004

and almost up to the parking area – again – while the parking lot, itself is almost completely covered.  There were children pretending their bikes were hydroplanes while I was there, so no parking lot pictures today.

Bird wise it continues quiet…have heard a young Black-headed Grosbeak today..

Another look at the juvenile

here is a file photo of a young Black headed Grosbeak – they look very similar to the females, but make a distinctive, ‘wee – ooh’ sound…

juvenile at Bergamont

and last night there was a young Rufous Hummingbird at my flowering Bergamot plant….this isn’t the one I saw last night, this was a young one seen several years ago in my former backyard. Again, the youngsters look a lot like the females, but there is no red under the chin…just green dots…

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