Friday, July 8, 2011

Exercise in frustration!

Boy! trying to keep this blog up this month is proving to be an exercise in frustration! either the weather is sunny and warm and the mosquitoes are thick…or it is chilly and pouring with rain…

The log bay

I beseeched my husband to take his camera with him last night to see if he could find anything to photograph on his evening walk….so thanks to him you can see what the ‘log bay’ looks like these days…a long way from being a ‘bay’

Spotted Sandpiper

there was a Spotted Sandpiper wandering around on that log in the foreground…

the trail

and here is the watery trail…

Young robin

back here in the park we’re still seeing lots of young birds like this American Robin

Baby Robin

and here is an even younger one…

Robin with cherry

an adult feasting on some cherries (picture obviously NOT taken today with that blue sky!)

Young Oriole

From all the chattering I knew that the Bullock Oriole youngsters were out of the nests…today I spotted this one at a neighbors oriole feeder…

Fledgling Junco

There seems to be another crop of young Dark Eyed Junco, and we’re still seeing young Spotted Towhee, House Finch and Steller’s Jay.  Not seeing as many Hummingbirds, although I’m pretty sure it was a male that zipped past me today.   There are still lots of Evening Grosbeak and of course Brown Headed Cowbirds.  Black Headed Grosbeak as well…haven’t seen a young one of those yet, but they should be showing up soon.

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