Thursday, July 21, 2011

1/3 gone

Today, being the 21st of the month, means 1 month of ‘summer’ has already passed us by.  At least today, after a rainy night, we are seeing some sunshine but it seems every time you venture out to enjoy it ~ a big black cloud sails over!

No pictures because there just hasn’t been anything to take pictures of!  The water levels are dropping – slowly – but are still too high to actually get anywhere to see anything.

Birds around right now are:  Purple Finch and a few House Finch, also Gold Finch, Steller’s Jay, Evening and Black Headed Grosbeak, a few Hummingbirds, a few Junco, occasional White Crowned Sparrow, some Towhee, some Brown Headed Cowbirds although their numbers are decreasing…they should be gone by the end of the month.  Some Robins, Barn Swallow and Tree Swallow…and that is pretty much it.  Raven can be heard on the hillside from time to time and Bald Eagle and Osprey are seen over head if you happen to look up at the right time and I can hear Spotted Sandpiper so they are still in the area, haven’t actually seen one for weeks.  Bullock’s Oriole were heard up until yesterday, a few may still be around…Cedar Waxwing are still being heard as well and that is about it – at least on a regular basis.

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