Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A bit of bird activity

A short walk before the showers started – again - revealed a bit of bird activity…

July 19'11 005

down by the boat launch, where water levels are staying pretty stable…there was a surprising number of Barn Swallows – the nest in the gazebo had at least 4 youngsters hanging out of it (pictures I tried just didn’t work – too dark in there), but I think there must be quite a few more advanced youngsters out and about now as well as there was lots of excited chattering over head.

One section of trees had a mixed flock of Bushtits, Pine Sisken AND Chestnutback Chickadees!  Couldn’t manage pictures of any of them as they were too high up.  I could also hear a Bullock’s Oriole calling…these ones are a bit late, most are on their way back south now.  Still seeing Black headed Grosbeaks with their young, also some Evening Grosbeak and fledgling Steller’s Jay keep showing up as well.

Although you wouldn’t know it here in our watery neck of the woods, I’m hearing that shorebird migration is now underway.  Adult shorebirds have been spotted in flooded fields…youngsters will be following along in a few weeks.

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