Friday, July 15, 2011

Mid July

Well, here we are, the middle of July…

July 15'11 012

the water is receding again now, for what, the 3rd time???   A report in the newspaper the other day said that water levels, for this time of the year are the highest since 1920 – in other words, water levels haven’t been this high, in mid-July for over 90 years!!  Just confirms what an unusual situation we are in.  This morning, there was even a mist out there on the little bit of water you can see…more reminiscent of fall than mid summer.  I guess one thing we should be grateful for though is the continuing cool weather because anytime the sun does peek out and the temperature rises, the mosquitoes respond accordingly!!!

July 15'11 006

Baby birds continue to show up…there seems to be a whole new batch of baby Spotted Towhee – I had 6 or 7 around my place this morning.

July 15'11 009

some more baby Dark Eyed Junco as well.  I’m seeing a few more Hummingbirds again, mainly youngsters, other species showing up with their families are the Black Headed Grosbeaks, Steller’s Jay and now a few Evening Grosbeaks..

A lot of American Goldfinch around as well, they are probably nesting now as they are have one of the latest nesting times…

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