Friday, April 29, 2011

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Today was definitely a better day…

water definitely rising

although still lots of gray cloud around, at least it was interspersed with some patches of blue sky, with slightly warmer temperatures…what was obvious today was the fact the water levels are now definitely rising….

here too

this picture really demonstrates that as most of this area was high and dry just a couple of days ago. 

the log bay

definitely more water inside the log bay too…I had mentioned in previous posts that I wouldn’t be around to see how it all plays out – flood year or not – well all that has changed thanks to my husbands job…seems I’m going to be around until probably August so I will be able to continue documenting what ever is to come!

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

What was most notable today was this very co-operative Ruby Crowned Kinglet.  I’ve mentioned the numbers of them in the park right now….

showing the ruby crown

this picture shows the ‘ruby’ crown….

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

since it is so seldom that you can get this close a shot of one of these active little guys…

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

I’m posting them all.  If the dying camera I had with me had been as co-operative as the bird – there would have been even more pictures of it.

Also spotted today:  a Gold-crowned Sparrow and a Yellow Warbler.

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