Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grosbeak and Green Wing Teal

A fairly normal day today….


we’ve had some sunshine, some cloud and some showers..but it is a little warmer than it has been and as a result it is so nice to see the Dandelions lining the trail in full flower – finally!

Tree Swallows

The sunshine has also brought back the Tree Swallows…there must have been 30 or so of them busy checking out nesting boxes or just flying over head.  A group of them put the run on a little Sharp Shin Hawk that kept cruising over the area.

log bay

at the log bay…

Green Wing Teal

a flock of 16 or so Green Wing Teal…the first ducks I’ve seen for a while..

Brown Headed Cowbird

A couple of Brown Headed Cowbird here too, as well as an Evening Grosbeak that I could hear but couldn’t spot until it flew…when a bird is the same color as the newly leafed out poplar leaves it makes spotting them difficult!

Red-Wing Blackbird nest

There wasn’t much else to report…lots of bird song and twittering but with that hawk hanging about everyone was keeping to the vegetation…I did spot another nest, though, this one a Red Wing Blackbird nest…still under construction – it is in there just to the lower right of the middle.

female Flicker

A female Northern Flicker feeding in the grass…..that was about it.

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