Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pintails and Finches

Another dreary cold day….

another dreary day

as this picture taken from the viewing platform shows…more fresh snow all around, in fact it was snowing/sleeting down here earlier in the morning…

The only ducks seen today…

Pair of Pintails

was this pair of Northern Pintail…a species we don’t see all that often here at the estuary….

over at the log bay…

Male Goldfinch

there was quite a large, and very busy flock of American Goldfinch…here is one of the males – I’m starting to get the hang of what program to use on the new camera to at least get it to focus on the bird…

Female Goldfinch

and here is a female Goldfinch…neither picture quite as crisp and clear as I’d like, but we’re getting there!

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Again, Ruby Crowned Kinglet were seen from one end of the walk to the other…and this picture is crisp and clean…showing the potential that this new camera has.

At about this point a Northern Harrier flew down low…spooking a Greater Yellowlegs.  I hadn’t been able to see any shorebirds, until this one flew up in alarm from an area not visible from the pathways ….

Heading back I noticed…

Male House Finch

a male House Finch….

Courting House Finch

which was soon joined by a female…this isn’t a ‘daddy’ bird feeding a baby bird…but a courting ritual where the male regurgitates and feeds the female….

This will be my last posting for a few days.  We are off in the morning to take advantage of a long weekend in order to make sure everything in the RV is in working order before we head off for our big trip in a months time…Happy Easter to everybody, maybe the Easter Bunny will bring some seasonal temperatures…we don’t seem to be getting them any other way.

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