Thursday, January 31, 2019

January wrap up

Last day of January already!  Where did the month go?

so here we were this morning at the estuary....high and dry pretty much sums it up.  Not an unusual situation for this time of the year but one of the reasons it has been pretty quiet around here.

not a great photo....but the one species we can count on seeing these days are the Anna's Hummingbirds.  This little male is always on guard in his particular corner.

After lunch ventured over to Harrison Bay.  Despite a few drops of rain as we arrived, it actually turned out to be a pretty nice walk and with virtually no one around for a change, the activity on and around the river was better than it has been for weeks.

but let's start off with this....Pussy Willows!  Didn't see them yesterday, but today, there they were.

the Pileated Woodpecker pair were there.  This is the female.  The male could be heard calling from a large poplar at the edge of the fields.  The Bald Eagle pair were also in that large poplar as was a Red-tail Hawk.  The tree this one is on, is the same one that has the eagle nest up top.

have been seeing quite a few Brown Creeper.  There is a pair hanging about the same area and also have seen them up our way, usually mixed in with Black Capped Chickadees and Gold crowned Kinglets.

Now speaking of Kinglets.....

for almost 2 weeks now we've been seeing Ruby-crowned Kinglets like this little guy.  When I report them to E Bird I get told it is early for them in this area - well yes, I know that, but here they are!

Canada Geese continue to be around in large numbers, probably 300 or more today...

and then there are the Trumpeter Swans....well over a hundred again today, many of them out on the river.

a big surprise was spotting this lump....

out on the log boom....

a River Otter!

just having a snooze!

A bit further along the river....

what is that perched on the cable down there?

a Belted Kingfisher - this one being a male as only the female wears the 'belt'.

So now we wait and see what February brings....sounds like we may actually get a touch of winter - that would be nice to slow things down a bit and get more seasonal.

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