Tuesday, January 1, 2019

It is a New Year!

Guess it was kind of fitting that the very first bird we saw this morning was a Bald Eagle!  Not that it was where we could get a photo.

not the brightest start to the year, but at least it was dry and also very quiet as I guess most of the humans were still sleeping off the night before.

this Great Blue Heron was fishing in the first bay....

accompanied by Mallard and some Gadwall - top 3....hadn't seen too many of them yet this year.  There were also some Common Merganser and one Hoodie.  Lots of Green Wing Teal too.

The bushes around the viewing platform were very busy....

Dark-eyed Junco, but also some Chickadee, Purple Finch and Robins.

a few Steller's Jay too.

After lunch, it was over to Harrison Bay where we were rather shocked by the packed parking lot, turns out there was going to be a Polar Bear Swim.....fortunately everyone stayed near the beach so we had a nice peaceful walk along the dike.

Not much around though....

some Black Capped Chickadees and that was about it for the little guys.  Heard a Downy Woodpecker but couldn't spot him today.

only a few Bald Eagle today.  On Christmas Eve the pair had been working on their nest, but not near it today.

so here we go, the start of another year....what will it bring?

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