Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas

Beautiful Christmas day!

snow on the mountain tops, a touch of frost on the ground....and robins calling ?!  Don't think I have ever heard robins at Christmas before.  I've mentioned a few  times how many there are around this year when normally we don't see them from the end of summer until mid-February.

had a special Christmas present too because for the first time in at least a couple of months did our walk and didn't see another human being!  Of course the treat didn't last for the mid-day walk, but sure enjoyed the morning one!

another treat was spotting some Purple Finch enjoying those Pacific Crab Apple fruits.  Hadn't see a Purple finch for months and months.  There were actually a lot of birds around,including several woodpeckers and collared doves.....interesting that there are only a few red-wing blackbirds where normally we expect to have a fairly large flock of males spending the winter....definitely things are a little different this year.

Song Sparrows and Towhee were busy as well.

and a few Bald Eagle around, but definitely the spectacle is over for another year.

Now tomorrow they are predicting the possibility of snow....we shall see....a little snow is always good for seeing birds.

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