Friday, January 4, 2019

After the rain

After 24 hours of torrential rain it was nice to get out for a dry walk!  Still kind of dark out there and the water levels have certainly come up again so we didn't attempt a walk to the park, but did get over to Harrison Bay....

there was quite the wind blowing down the river, so not a lot around, but the Bald Eagle pair were busy working on their nest.

it is looking much sturdier now than it did after that last wind storm.

this one isn't part of the pair.  I recall last year we thought that another pair were going to nest in the area and maybe they did, but if so we haven't been able to spot the nest, although they do seem to hang about in the same spot, up closer to the bridge.

the farm fields are pretty soggy after all the rain.  This one had a bunch of Canada Geese in it.  A few Mallard were scattered around and another field had about a dozen swans in it while another had a large flock of gulls.

A couple of Song Sparrow (above) and a female Downy Woodpecker and that was about it, oh and a fairly large flock of European Starling in the tree tops.

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