Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Winter found us

Well it took a while, but winter has found us!  

it started with just a little touch of snow as temperatures dropped steadily throughout the day.

by yesterday, the sun came out but the cold out flow winds made it pretty unpleasant down here by the water.

today the wind had lessened somewhat so it was quite bearable over at Harrison Bay....and I guess all we needed was winter because the amount of waterfowl of all sorts out there was phenomenal.

there is a tiny sample....Trumpeter Swans, Mallard, America Wigeon, just to mention a few.

You can tell how windy it has been by how high the water has splashed up and frozen on anything and everything.

more ice....

not a great picture, but saw Double Crested Cormorant here for the first time this winter.

Tundra Swans here as well as the Trumpeters.  This Tundra family was in close to shore but in an open area where the wind was making it a little cold to stand around and take photos.

First Ring-necked Ducks of the season seen today too, along with more Tundra Swans and some of the hundreds of Canada Geese.

View from the highway.  With similar weather in the forecast for at least the next week, should be lots more icy photo opportunities.

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