Thursday, November 24, 2016

Yucky day!

I'm afraid that is about all I can say about today. 

it was horrible....just poured with rain all day.  So wet that on our morning walk I didn't even take a camera, so of course there were swans right in the boat launch.  This was taken mid-afternoon...swans had all moved way out, in fact about only thing visible were....

these Mallards....a good day for ducks although even they didn't look all that happy.

this Great Blue Heron looked positively miserable...

this Bald Eagle was keeping an eye out.  There were a few more perched on various stumps out there, no doubt there were more but it was too misty to see.

Despite all the rain I could hear some cheerful sounds....finally spotted these guys...

European Starlings sitting in the top of the same tree the eagle was perched in.  Despite the fact it was a perfect Varied Thrush day, still haven't seen one....but should any day now.

Tomorrow's weather forecast sounds dryer ~ let's hope so!

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