Thursday, November 10, 2016

Not looking good.....

That heading....'not looking good'....could have so many connotations right now given recent events....but we will stick to the local and up coming Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival...

because unless a miracle happens there isn't going to be much eagle viewing!  Even though we haven't had that much rain here, we are connected to the Pemberton watershed and if you watch the news you know what has happened there.  The water just keeps coming and there is more in the forecast.  Remember, where that sign is, is where we normally have our viewing tent.  Not that there is anything to view.  With no dry land out there, there is no where for any birds to perch.

It isn't any better over at Harrison Bay....the beach has pretty much disappeared.  We have walked over there the last few days and haven't seen a single eagle....or much of anything else.

a few Mallard in the soggy field....

an occasional Song Sparrow like this one eating the seeds from the Alder tree cones but look at those catkins!  They shouldn't be like that until late February or early March. 

Still not a single swan but then why should there be with record breaking warm temperatures over virtually the entire province there is no great urge for them, or anything else to move south.

Even gulls like this, which I think might be a Western/Glaucous-wing Gull, are in short supply as again, there are very few places to perch.

About the only sign that it really is supposed to be getting onto winter is that today is the first day of  Project Feeder Watch ....

which gives me an excuse to post this picture of a young male Anna's Hummingbird at the feeder.  Somehow having hummingbirds doesn't seem that strange anymore, in fact according to data sent in during last seasons Project Feeder Watch, Anna's Hummingbirds were seen at 50% of all feeders in B.C.

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