Saturday, November 19, 2016

Great news!

It's the first day of the Bald Eagle Festival and the 'good' news is that the weather was way better than forecast, in fact the sun even shone for a little while and the moisture held off until just as it was time to close the gates.

Not being directly involved in the festival anymore I don't actually have any pictures....

but had to share the GREAT news! and that is that finally after years of so many people working for it, the provincial government has granted the Chehalis estuary area a Wildlife Management area!

Concerned persons have been working for this since the late 1980's, the whole issue just sat in the background for years until the early 2,000's when the project was again taken up, mainly by persons, including my self, involved with the Bald Eagle Festival.

The newly named: Lha':lt Harrison - Chehalis Wildlife Management Area covers 1,000 hectares, starting at the bridge over the Harrison River and north up to and including where Morris Creek joins the Harrison River.

this picture that I took yesterday while out on the Harrison River demonstrates better than any words as to why this designation is so important. 

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