Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Yet more swans

I know this time of the year we should be dealing with eagles....and yes, there are eagles, but it is the swans that are the story so far.  We haven't seen swans like we have this year for years, if ever!

this was the scene this morning....I think, but am not positive that the lead duck there could be an Eurasian Wigeon.  There are so many ducks out there right now it is impossible to keep track of them all.

no doubt that this is a Tundra Swan....note the little bit of yellow at the base of the bill.  That is a female Common Merganser there as well.

there are a lot of Mergansers out there right now.

this pair are Trumpeter Swans....and of course a Bald Eagle in the background.

here is another eagle....

the sun came out briefly this afternoon....notice the water is almost back where it belongs...

the path to the park is becoming visible again.  Maybe we'll even get over to the park again soon, especially if the weather network is right and we get snow next week.  Let's hope!

Shouldn't neglect the small has just been difficult to photograph them lately as it has been so dull, there was a big flock of Bush tits yesterday but those little guys never hold still at the best of times.  Saw some Chestnutback Chickadees today too....

and then, of course, there are the Anna's Hummingbirds.  This male has staked out the habitat garden out back as his own.  A younger, not quite mature male has staked out the feeder in our yard....and females zip back and forth between them all.

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