Thursday, January 16, 2014


Finally, sunshine!  Wasn't able to take advantage of it yesterday, but got out there today...

what a treat!

There were a pair of Trumpeter Swans soaking up the sun'll note that water levels have dropped back down to pretty much where they were before the recent rains.

It is interesting that there are still a lot of eagles around, in fact apart from Red-wing Blackbirds, they were the most visible birds around today....

this juvenile flew down, waded around for a while before dragging a salmon skeleton onto the shore....

this young one was sharing a branch with an adult....there were a few others in the same tree....

this one, at the log bay, looks exceptionally light in colour.

one thing noticeable lately is that the Mallard are getting 'feisty' and there is a lack of herons.  Heron nest early, in fact we have to get over to the heronry in Chilliwack within the next few weeks because the nest building will have begun and the trails through the heronry are closed as of March 1st so the birds aren't disturbed.  That heronry is the closest one, at least that I know of, to our estuary.

It was lovely and peaceful and quiet (in other words I had the place to myself)  while I was down there.  This allowed me to hear some interesting sounds coming from one of the large cedar trees, when I looked up, there was this adult Bald Eagle, crunching up a fish skeleton...not sure how much nourishment is left but there must be some as the birds are still working on them.

Should also mention that while I was walking here, my husband was avoiding dogs and had walked up the trail beside Elbow Creek where he spotted a Dipper.  Elbow Creek flows down into the estuary area.

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