Thursday, January 9, 2014

Birding by ear....

Got out for a walk today between weather systems - didn't even attempt a walk yesterday!

We've had a fair amount of rain lately which is good news for the ski hills because it is finally coming down as snow up in the mountains.

Today there were a few gulls around and a couple of dozen....

Bald Eagles riding thermals over head, others, like this juvenile, perched along the trail...  Noticeable by their absence were ducks....the salmon are gone and the eagles are now in hunting mode!

lots of bird activity (or at least calls) all along the trail, like this Varied Thrush, but most were not co-operative for photo taking.  Heard Red-wing Blackbirds, Flickers, a Downy Woodpecker, Kinglets, Bush Tits, Chickadees, a Fox Sparrow and on and on

a lot of Dark-eyed Junco too.  Now, for something we don't see everyday.....

a family of Raccoon's.  We know they are around, it is just usually they are out and about during the night, I guess it was still so dark this morning they thought it was still night time.  These are the young ones, mom wasn't far away.

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