Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Today we decided to walk over at Kilby....after all it is all part of the same I.B.A.

had hoped the weather was going to be a bit better than it was, it showered the whole time.  There is a lot less beach over there than there had been....

there wasn't a lot of bird activity along the shoreline, but there was a good size group of these 
Canvasback Ducks.....this is a duck species we don't see all that often.

even further out were some Scaup, whether Lesser or Greater I'm not even going to attempt to guess.

there wasn't a lot of activity in the bushes, some Chickadees, a couple of Downy Woodpeckers, a small flock of these Dark-eyed Junco.....

and some Spotted Towhee, pretty much rounded out the species apart from some Song Sparrows and Steller's Jay.

We did notice a total of 4 hawks on the short drive to and from the bay, including this

Juvenile Red-tail Hawk, probably the same one we saw a week or so ago.

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