Sunday, January 26, 2014

More of the same.....

Our blue skies continue......

in fact several of the last few days hit record high temperatures, nearly 13 degrees!  Got out for a walk this morning and it was one of those special days with lots of bird activity and rarity of rarity, (at least lately) - no people! 

this Bald Eagle was down in the first bay.....

not at all perturbed by my presence.

a number of Varied Thrush - when I took this I was thinking that we wouldn't be seeing them again soon, but then I remembered, 'hey, it is only January' they should be here until April sometime, but with this weird weather, who knows!

over at the log bay there were Red-wing Blackbirds calling from everywhere, 

no one really knows where this tire came from this fall, probably it was laying there under water all along until someone for some unknown reason decided it should become part of the least some of the birds appreciate it, this morning it was this Great Blue Heron making use of it.

spotted this Northern Flicker, it didn't seem to want to stop preening itself long enough for a decent pose.

all along the trail you could hear scuffling and scratching in the underbrush, this Song Sparrow took some time out from foraging to do some singing.

the tapping sound lead me to spotting this female Hairy Woodpecker......

and then there was a flock of Bush Tits, unfortunately I didn't have the right camera for capturing these agile little guys....this was the best I could get.

Should mention that the last two days I have heard a bird song that I know I should know but I haven't been able to locate the singer.  It almost sounds like a Western Meadowlark....I'll let you know when, if, I find it.

Later today we went over to Cheam Lake, it will be another month or so before things get really active over there but it was a beautiful day for a walk and I'm going to post this..

a male Belted Kingfisher.  We, of course, have them here at the estuary as well but they are one of the most frustrating bird species to get a photo of.

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