Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wet and wouldn't you know.....

Even though yesterday wasn't bad weather wise, I didn't do a post because there just wasn't anything much around.  It is a rare day when you can walk the entire route and not see or hear any little birds, but yesterday was one of those days.

Today, the rains arrived.  We did venture out at our usual time but it was just so miserable...

this Great Blue Heron was out in it can see the rain drops on the water surface...of course all that rain could have a silver lining....the most effective way to stop people from walking out on the flats and disturbing the birds and other wildlife is to have the water levels rise to the point that you can't just wade across!  I always heave a great sigh of relief when that point is reached.

the rain did let up later so we ventured down again....I think water levels have risen slightly but more is needed.

this Bald Eagle was the most co-operative one that we've seen to date.  Obviously they are starting to get used to the human activity in the area and like I've said many times, if you stay on the trails and don't do anything 'threatening' like moving closer or letting your dogs run loose.... the birds will tolerate our presence.

Still the numbers of birds seems a bit low, but then I think we think that every year about this time...

there doesn't seem to be a shortage of them way over by the Harrison sometimes looks like a row of fence pickets out there....and I should mention that as soon as I took this picture, while the co-operative eagle sat near by, my camera batteries died and this, of course was one of the very few times I hadn't taken spares with me!

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