Wednesday, November 13, 2013

that 'S' word is in the forecast

The last few days life seems to be getting in the way of blogging, in fact I haven't been near the estuary since the last post several days ago...

We did do a quick run along Morris Valley Road today before heading out again....a lot of salmon, both alive and dead in the creek here but not a lot of anything else.  I've heard there were a lot of eagles out on the flats this morning.

on our way home, I thought I saw a large flock of small shorebirds out at the edge of Harrison Bay - which is getting shallower and shallower....  we did a u-turn to take another look and it turned out they were....

Green-wing Teal ducks....this is just a very small part of the large flock.  Harrison Bay is definitely the center of activity right now....seems to be the only place where there are any swans and yesterday while running back and forth to appointments we noticed several trees at the western edge of the bay, absolutely full of eagles - of course didn't have a camera with me!

Now should mention that with eagle festival just a couple of days away, the weather forecast for our area is snow!  Not a lot of snow, but a little bit - in a way that is good, cooler temperatures should make for better eagle viewing.....and one last thing, today was my first 'count' day for the new feeder watch season and the very first bird I saw today was an Anna's Hummingbird!  After 17 years of counting, this is the first time I'll be able to report an Annas.

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