Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bit of variety

Another cool crisp day...  went down fairly early in hopes of there being some eagle activity close in...

there wasn't much in the way of eagles around, but lots of ducks...kind of smokey too with slash burning being done in nearby mountains.

When I went back at mid-day the first thing I saw was a Northern Harrier - the first I've seen in a while. The only photo wasn't worth posting.

there was one Bald Eagle enjoying a fishy lunch....and....

several Killdeer running about in the same area (one in photo) - it had been a few weeks since I'd seen any of them.

quite the collection of ducks too, a Hooded Merganser right in front, quite a few Green-wing Teal, a Gadwall there in the middle, looks like a Mallard and an American Wigeon ...notice the ice along the shoreline.

it wasn't just the shoreline that was busy....we've been seeing Spotted Towhee but this was the first to co-operate for a photo for a while.

and this was interesting!  We know there are a lot of Common Raven right now.  Today my dog decided to do her business and as I was picking it up, this guy flew into a tree above us and studied the situation!

over at the log bay there was an abundance of gulls and notice the closest piling...

this young Great Blue Heron was posing nicely!

Yesterday we caught a robin in this area....

the Robin was still there today but it was a Varied Thrush that showed itself.    Heading back I just had to shake my head as I'd noticed that there was getting to be quite the collection of eagles in one of the 'eagle' trees....

directly beneath this tree were a couple lamenting the fact that they couldn't see any eagles...totally oblivious to what was directly over head!!!

oh well!

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  1. I've been enjoying your blog, Kathy. I went out to do some eagle watching again this past Saturday... went to the observation platform at Pretty's... but was disappointed that there weren't many to be seen. Of course, people were wandering down where they shouldn't have been, and a plane came over and buzzed us twice, appearing to land briefly nearby. Under those circumstances I wouldn't have shown myself either, if I were an eagle!

    Thanks for your wonderful photo journal here. It's a treat to see through your camera's lens.