Monday, November 11, 2013

Not a whole lot happening....

It is becoming rather difficult to find something to post....there just isn't a lot happening!  Kind of concerning with eagle festival just a few days away!  

of course with this sort of thing are pretty much guaranteed there won't be any thing much sitting out there on the flats which are still extremely vulnerable as we didn't receive nearly enough rain to make any difference to water levels.  What eagles there were around today were over head as they were enjoying rather windy conditions.

There was a bit more variety in duck species today...but first I wanted to mention that the foliage colours this fall have been spectacular....all the dry weather we've had does have some benefits.

there were some American Wigeon at the log bay along with the usual Mallards

at the other end there was a fairly large group of Northern Shovelers,

there appears to be a male just behind the female right in the middle - both the male shovelers and the male wigeon are slower to molt out of their 'eclipse' plumage and back into their breeding plumage than male mallards.

you can just barely make out an adult and a juvenile Bald Eagle in this inaccessible spot, with a Common Raven in flight.  There were actually quite a few Raven out there today in various spots as well as joining the eagles 'kettles'.

One last item...

I've noticed a real increase in the numbers of Song Sparrows this year....not sure why but always nice to see a species numbers increasing rather than decreasing!

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