Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer wanderings....

Tomorrow we hope to get out on the water so I'll be able to give a report from a different perspective!  In the meantime I thought I might share a few photos from some recent wanderings in our province.

I'll start with this one which I call 'predator' and 'prey'.  Look at the very top of the tall tree and then look at the log at the bottom of the picture....

the 'predator' is a 4 year old Bald Eagle - maybe one of 'ours'?

and the 'prey' are some Columbian Ground squirrels.

Here is another interesting series....Shantz 'the loon whisperer' (aka the dog), was paddling at the edge of the lake...out there is a Common Loon that had been over at the far shore, not visible in this photo...

soon there were 3 Loons hanging about just off shore....

and then 4!  To show how close they came....

I took this while standing on the of the best photos of a Common Loon I've ever taken!

One more thing to share, believe it or not, for all the time I have spent 'out there' I had never seen a least not until this trip.

This Mule Deer doe with a very young fawn was just beside the old Princeton/Merritt highway.

While this one with a slightly older fawn was at Kentucky Allyene Provincial Park where the rest of the pictures were also taken.  Another doe was seen with twins, but no picture of that one.

Now hopefully we'll find something interesting to report tomorrow.

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