Monday, July 29, 2013

Back on the water.....

With the continuing sunshine we decided to head back out on the water yesterday....

Just a picture perfect morning for a paddle!

Checked out the 'first bay' - now back to being a 'bay' and what was perched in the 'eagle tree' on the left but.....

a Bald Eagle!  Signs of  things to come!  Actually we saw a total of 5 eagles, during the trip - all adults.

as it was fairly calm and as water levels have dropped a lot, we decided to head further out, over towards the Harrison River...this gives a sense of just how shallow it is out there.

It has been a few years since we've been over here and were surprised to see the large log jam where a branch of the Harrison River cuts through here.  Notice that Geese have been enjoying the newly exposed gravel bars!

Looking back...the bridge across the Harrison River is way off there in the distance.  Bird wise there were some Red-wing Blackbirds, a pair of North Western Crows, a Great Blue Heron and we heard a Marsh Wren and a Robin.  We'd seen a couple of young Common Merganser en-route as well as an Osprey.

We've all heard the expression 'snake in the grass' while this is 'Great Blue Heron' in the grass!

and there are just a few of the Canada Geese that were out there, pretty much finished their molt now.

We were sort of headed up this branch of the Chehalis before we realized it, things look different as the water levels drop.  Wasn't nearly the activity up here that there had been before although all sorts of Swallows were flying about.

came across the pair of young Hooded Merganser again and didn't realize it until i downloaded the pictures that the one in the lead has something, I'm not sure what, in it's bill.

this time there were also some young Mallards in the same spot.  We had hoped to see some migrating shorebirds but perhaps it was a bit early although they should be showing up any time now.

I have to share some photos from the yard as well....

Black-capped Chickadees continue to over run the place, this one getting a drink from the little water feature.

The berries on the Honeysuckle vine continue to attract not only Cedar Waxwing - which pop in, grab a berry and fly off....

but the Townsend's Chipmunk are enjoying the feast as well!

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