Sunday, July 21, 2013

Draining away.....

Another week of nothing but sunshine and the temporary 'lake' continues to drain away.

Just a few inches of water left on the lower part of the path ....

We didn't take the canoe out today as the wind continues to whip up, but we did drive alongside the estuary which is now converting back to 'estuary' from 'lake'

in fact the northwest end is now completely back to estuary status...hard to believe this was all water just a couple of weeks ago.

Just a few of the Canada Geese that were visible out there today...all being very quiet as they get through the molt, and therefore unable to take flight stage.

Back at the yard had another family of Black-capped Chickadees this morning, with youngsters still being fed by mom and dad - perhaps they are a second hatch.

Quit a few very scruffy looking Steller's Jay youngsters hanging about too.  Not sure where the adults are, perhaps taking a vacation after family rearing duties.

and speaking of 'scruffy'

I only see one at a time but there are motley looking Red-breasted Nuthatch showing up in the yard and the interesting thing is they are already in the 'storing for winter' mode.

look closely and you can see the sunflower seeds that he/she was hammering into the crack in the bark.  

Noticed these Red-Osier Dogwood berries today....I've mentioned many time what an important role this native shrub plays....birds love these berries.

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