Thursday, July 4, 2013


Well now it is July and the month brought summer with it!

The month came in with sweltering temperatures that have moderated now to just pleasant.  We were kind of surprised after a week away to find that the water levels had crept back up again.  How many months is it now that everything 'out there' has been under water?  Although most riparian vegetation is adapted to being under water for a portion of the year this must surely be putting stress on some species.

Noticed that the native 'Hard-hack' is starting to flower, completely unperturbed by the fact that the bush is half submerged.

Bird-wise it is alarmingly quiet.  The only bird seen at the boat launch today was a Yellow Warbler.  Saw one Robin while headed home and that was that!

It always takes a while for the birds to return after the feeders have run empty...

Have had a visit from yet another fledgling Steller's Jay.  Black-cap Chickadees are still visiting occasionally and I've had a few Chestnut-backed as well.  I'm hoping some babies will show up one of these days. The Nuthatch seem to have vanished even though the peanut feeder still had some peanuts in it.  Others seen occasionally are Purple Finch, Pine Siskin, Goldfinch, Black-headed Grosbeak and Brown headed Cowbird, but only now and then and only one or so at a time.  Hopefully things will improve soon! 

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