Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some babies!

Saw my first babies of the season today and they were of the cutest variety!

Had a whole family of Black-capped Chickadees around today - one of the babies in the photo above - the best I managed!  Even brought out the DSLR in an attempt to get pictures.

this was one of the parents with a juicy little caterpillar in its mouth - the parents must be run ragged as there were at least 4, maybe 5 fledglings - nice to see!

All of the activity was right in the complex today....was standing on the street talking to a neighbour when I was almost run over at knee height by....

this Red-breasted Sapsucker!

here is a closer look.  Another neighbour said they've been seeing it in that general area for about a week now and suspect there is a nest somewhere close by.

back in my shady yard one of the pair of Red-breasted Nuthatch - I expect some baby nuthatches to show up one of these days.

it has been pretty quiet at the feeders but now I'm restocked with Black Oil Sunflower seeds a pair of American Goldfinch showed up.  It is a little early yet for goldfinch to be nesting.

This Western Swallowtail Butterfly landed close by while I was on the hunt for fledgling Chickadees - so got it's picture as well.

Down by the water, the levels seem to have stayed pretty much the same.

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