Friday, June 14, 2013

Robins and Towhees

With the first official day of summer just a week away it would be nice to if it actually felt a bit like summer!

It has been a cool, cloudy week but in spite of that, the water levels are now on the way back down.

Yesterday morning I saw....

this flock of geese flying.  I don't think I have ever seen geese flying in formation this time of the year before.  Earlier in the spring and in late summer and fall, but not in June.  

The most bird activity right now, at least in our complex....

seem to be Spotted Towhee - all of a sudden they are seen everywhere, all adults so far, so I imagine there are some nests of hungry youngsters around keeping the parents busy foraging for food.

American Robins are also highly visible...

managed to spot this young one yesterday...well past the fledgling stage.

the Cedar Waxwing are nearly always down in the boat launch area, obviously they haven't yet got into the serious business of raising their families.

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