Thursday, September 20, 2012

Surprise, Surprise!

Well, what a pleasant surprise today when we ventured out for yet another warm, sunny walk…..someone has cleared the path so we can actually walk over to the park again.  Have no idea who did it but I sure appreciate the fact that it has been done.

The log bay - September 20, 2012

so here we are, finally at the very dry log bay…

looking south

and boy is it dry out there….if we don’t get some heavy rains (and there are none in the forecast) the Chum Salmon are going to have a really hard time accessing this area when they start arriving in just a few weeks time.


today there were just a few Mallards….


and these guys – possibly American Wigeons??? out there. 

View from viewing platform

the Hardhack bushes are already growing up and filling in the area out from the viewing platform.  There were a few quiet twitters from the bushes along the bath but nobody visible….think it was just too warm at that time of day.

New sign

Noticed the district has replaced the park sign with this one…

First bay

very quiet at my end too – this is the very empty first bay….apparently there was a flock of small shorebirds here last night but nothing around today apart from…


this Great Blue Heron.  He seems to have moved his fishing spot as the last two days he’s been across from that lone piling at the first bay.

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