Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Never ending summer!

This summer took a while to get going, but it sure doesn’t want to go away any time soon!

Never ending Sunshine

it’s been just one sunny hot day after another.

easy to walk across

water levels are pretty much non-existent…

Some of the geese

one day there was a huge flock of Canada Geese out on the flats – at least until a fisherman walked through them and sent them scattering….

Heron in usual spot

The Great Blue Heron is in his usual fishing spot pretty much every day..

Gull and Killdeer

If you have really good eyesight you might be able to spot the fact that there are two birds in this picture – one is pretty obvious – the other is towards the bottom right hand corner.

Glaucous Wing Gull

The one is a Glaucous-wing Gull – they’ll be lots of those around once the salmon start arriving…


and the other a Killdeer – seems there are always a few of them every time you venture down there, and sometimes there are large numbers of them.

another look

I’ve mentioned a few times, the sparrows that are down in the grass and then fly up and disappear into the bushes – well today this one didn’t dive quite so deeply into the bush so I was finally able to get a picture to ID with – they are, or at least this one is, a Lincoln Sparrow.

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