Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Feeding Frenzy!

Another beautiful day….

another beautiful day

although early this morning there was a definite feel of fall in the air with temperatures down in the single digits….

Not sure

While standing taking the scenery picture, I could hear a couple of woodpeckers calling by the viewing platform that I can not get too anymore, and then spotted this near the water’s edge.  I’m not sure what it is, possibly a young White Crowned Sparrow but it doesn’t look quite right for that – unfortunately the sun was in the wrong place for getting good shots…


The Great Blue Heron was in his assigned fishing spot….


and had spotted a couple of Killdeer (only one in photo), on an early morning walk…there were also quite a few ducks then but not identified..

Common Yellowthroat

The hardhack bushes were full of young Common Yellowthroat…although I got quite a few good glimpses of them, a picture was another thing entirely!  This is as good as it got!

Young White Crowned Sparrow

Later while at home trying to get a picture of a Juvenile White-Crowned Sparrow (and now I look I don’t think that is what was at the water)…I could hear a lot of…..

Cedar Waxwing with berrie

Cedar Waxwings….and a noise I couldn’t quite identify….going in search of what it was….

Robins in the bushes

I found an absolute feeding frenzy going on just up the street.  I’ve mentioned before, I think, about the laurel bushes that we have lining our streets and the incredible crop of berries they have produced this year….well!  there were masses of American Robins….

Waxwing with berry

and Cedar Waxwings, feeding on these berries and the sound I was hearing was them taking the berries up into a grove of Cedar Trees, eating the flesh and then dropping the rather large seed, so seeds were raining down and everything under those trees – including me as I sat and took pictures!

Robin w berrie

Here is a one of the robins with a mouthful.  There was also a flock of Black-capped Chickadees working all over the trunks of the same Cedar Trees – how they tied into the scenario I’m not sure – right now they seem to be in the Cedar tree outside the window, here by my computer….

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