Friday, September 14, 2012

Lots of activity….

Our stretch of wonderful weather continues….

The estuary

with sunshine and perfect temperatures…

Two Killdeer

there were Killdeer scattered all over the place this afternoon (2 above).  Last night my husband had seen a flock of some sort of shorebirds in the distance – he thought they might have been Yellowlegs, but I suspect they were Killdeer, due to the numbers still there today.

Heron and Mallards

The Great Blue Heron was taking a break from fishing while a couple of Mallards, still in their in-between plumage, swam by…

Sunning Ducks

a few more Mallard and a couple of Green-wing Teal (bottom right) were along the shore.

another sort of bird

out on the flats was another sort of ‘bird’ – we’ll hope it was on official business as those who follow this blog know that air traffic is one of the concerns in this region.

Heading to the berry bush

back near home the feeding frenzy continues….here one of the ‘I don’t know how many’ American Robins, around right now!

White-crowned Sparrow with berry

the White-crowned Sparrows were even getting into the action.  The above one a juvenile.  I’ve never seen White-crowns eat berries before – live and learn!

Douglas Squirrel getting a drink

and now a couple of furry critters – the above Douglas Squirrel was getting a drink…..

Sept. 14 '12 017

while at night, the Flying Squirrels take over.  We have as many Flying Squirrels during the night as we have Douglas Squirrels and Townsend’s Chipmunks during the day…I rarely take pictures though, as a flash is needed and it can damage their sensitive eyes.  And speaking of furry critters – the Snowshoe Hare has been spotted a couple of mornings recently, but not when I have my camera!

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