Sunday, August 19, 2012

The park – finally!

A break in the heat and we finally made it over to the park!

The viewing platform

there it is, the viewing platform….

the blocked trail

and no, we didn’t make it across the grasslands, the water is till to high for that, and someone, parks or other wise has been doing their level best to make sure that we won’t be able to access the park via the grasslands even when the water levels drop – such silly nonsense!  No doubt someone will clear the path again at some point.

view out from viewing platform

Every year once the water drops it is interesting to see what has changed and in this case the view from the viewing platform has increased as an awful lot of heavy driftwood has weighted down all the hard hack bushes out there.

The log bay

and here is the log bay again after, what?  4 months at least.

The bay

looking straight at it….apart from quite a few Swallows and I think maybe some Swifts, flying over head there wasn’t a lot…

Black Cap Chickadee eating Blackberries

Some Black-capped Chickadees, including this fellow eating Blackberries – something I’d never seen before!  Could hear Cedar Waxwings….

Young Common Yellowthroat and a House Wren!

Spotted some activity down in the bushes….a young Common Yellowthroat was exciting enough – then when I got home and down loaded it, I noticed I’d managed to capture a House Wren as well!  The first confirmed sighting and another new species for the area! We’re now up to 181.

Belted KIngfisher

On the way home a Belted Kingfisher was on a piling, I’d been hearing their chattering call quite a bit the last few days….

Downed tree

along the trail, that windstorm we had back in late June early July brought down a very large clump of trees…

Fallen Tree

it is too bad to see them down, but they’ll be just as valuable, if not more so, now that they are down and allowed to become part of the habitat.

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