Thursday, August 16, 2012

Heat Wave….

We seem to be in the middle of, or at the start of, a heat wave….extremely warm temperatures aren’t something we are used to here…so when we get them it is very hard on the birds, animals and vegetation – not to mention the people!!  It is also the reason I haven’t taken a camera with me when I’ve ventured down to the boat launch to give the dog a chance to get wet on her terms…so of course today was the day there was a

Juvenile Spotted Sandpiper

Spotted Sandpiper in the boat launch.  The above picture was not, of course taken here (no camera) but was taken a week or so ago at even hotter, Tunkwa Lake.    This is a young bird, but even adult ‘spotted’ sandpipers are no longer ‘spotted’ come this time of the year. 

Could hear the Canada Geese out there again but other than a few Barn Swallows flying around there was nothing else moving.  Even the feeders have been very quiet, at least until evening, as the birds, like the rest of us,  just try to get through the heat of the day. 

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