Monday, August 20, 2012

An eagle!!!

OK, I have to say it – I don’t really even like Bald Eagles….there are many many species of birds I’d put on the ‘likeability’ list ahead of eagles….BUT Bald Eagles are what the Chehalis Estuary is famous for and the reason for it’s designation as an Important Bird Area….

lower and lower

so when you walk down there and look out and see….

an eagle

a Bald Eagle perched ….the heart does a bit of a flip flop, not so much because of the eagle, after all they nest around here so we’ve seen them flying and heard eagles all summer – but because this is the first indication that the season is moving along and in a couple of months we’ll be counting eagles and salmon and not looking at the depth of the water.

reappearing path

the path is getting there – it’s slippery and slimy where the water has just receded…

just around the bend

but we’re going to be able to see around that corner pretty quick!

American Robin almost an adult

we haven’t seen a lot of American Robins recently, but a few more are showing up now that the berries on the boulevard laurel bushes are getting ripe.  This one would be this years young, probably from an early hatch as it is now almost completely molted into it’s adult plumage.  The bushes, thanks to a severe pruning last year are absolutely loaded with berries – much to the birds delight!

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