Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting there….

We’re getting there…

We're getting there

Pretty soon we should be able to get far enough along the path to be able to peak around the bushes and actually see over towards the park – how long has it been?  Four months at least!

Geese out there

Could see some of the Canada Geese out there today.  It helped that a boat went by and sent them back in my direction.  Some actually flew so their molt must be just about finished.  There sure wasn’t much else around, could hear some Cedar Waxwings but that was about it, except for a Great Blue Heron that flew over earlier and the distant call of an Osprey.

American Goldfinch

around home here is part of the selection of American Goldfinch that were out there this morning….3 youngsters in this mix.

Townsends Chipmunk

One of the Townsend’s Chipmunks, I’ve had as many as 3 out in the yard at the same time, so nice to see their population on the rebound!

Worn White crowned Sparrow

and a kind of ragged looking White Crowned Sparrow – I guess raising a couple of batches of youngsters can do that!  Junco’s, Pine Siskin, both varieties of Chickadees, Steller’s Jay and a few Black-headed Grosbeak, only females and young seen the last few days so think the males must have started heading south. 

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