Saturday, October 2, 2010

View from the park

Made a point of walking over to the park today.  Had to take the long route because the water levels aren’t budging….

Oct2 001

Here is what my usual route looks like from the park side…very wet!

Oct2 002

There is a lot of water out there.  Could see a few Bald Eagles way across on the other side, and could hear Gulls, also there were 30 or so Canada Geese over against the bushes along the north shore…

Oct2 004

Here is the log bay….remember those logs used as measuring sticks? Well the top one is the only one still completely out of the water!

Oct2 005

a final look towards the south as well.  Then because this is supposed to be about birds, and there haven’t been many opportunities to take bird pictures recently, thought I’d put in some photos of Evening Grosbeaks because there is a fairly large flock of them hanging around right now…


This is a female Evening Grosbeak…


and this is a male.  Evening Grosbeaks tend to roam a lot, they’ll hang around an area for a while, eating us all out of house and home – that is if you feed the birds – and then they’ll move on and you won’t see any for months on end. Both of these pictures were taken in this area, just not taken today.

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