Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another beautiful day!

Today is pretty much a duplicate of yesterday…absolutely beautiful!

Oct5 001

Took this picture this morning when the light was just about right and everything was perfectly calm.  When we walked down at noon there were about a hundred Mallard in this area, along with a few Wigeon…..every time a Bald Eagle flew over, a bunch more ducks would take off out of the grassy areas.  Bald Eagle prefer to scavenge but right not there isn’t much available, so they are forced to do some hunting….and the ducks know it!

Oct5 002

The water level has dropped a bit more, hopefully by next week we’ll be able to resume our usual walk and the gravel bars will have reemerged.

Yesterday’s mystery bird has been identified as a young Chipping Sparrow


This picture NOT taken in this area (was taken in Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park in Alberta), shows what an adult Chipping Sparrow looks like.  Chipping Sparrows are summertime visitors to most of the country, but aren’t really common along the coast.  We have seen Chipping Sparrows in the estuary area in the past, usually during their spring migration.  The fact that yesterday’s bird was with some Junco isn’t surprising as they tend to share the same types of habitat.

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