Monday, October 4, 2010

Beautiful Fall day!

What a gorgeous day!  The sun is shining, it is just the right temperature, there is a breeze blowing the leaves off of the trees….AND the water is starting to go back down!

4 013

There were quite a few ducks visible…including these…

4 011

Mallard, but also American Wigeon


This picture WAS NOT taken here today.  It was taken at Riefel Waterfowl Sanctuary in Richmond but I’m using it for illustration purposes…these are American Wigeon, the male, with his white forehead, is at the top and the female below.

While I was attempting to count Mallards and Wigeon…a Northern Pintail flew in and landed…..


again….this photo wasn’t taken here today, but shows what Northern Pintail look like.  The female is in the lead.  The bird I saw today was a male.  Northern Pintail occasionally stop by here on the estuary but aren’t  regulars like the Mallard and Wigeon and a few other species.

Last week I showed a picture of one of the Townsend’s Chipmunk that are in the area…today some rustling in the under growth revealed…

4 016

this Douglas Squirrel, the other furry little ‘critter’ that is extra busy right now, stock piling stores a way for the winter.

On the way home I spotted some Dark Eyed Junco on the ground and there was a ‘mystery’ bird mixed in with them.

4 027

I actually have no idea what this is.  A sparrow of some sort I expect.  I have sent the pictures off to a friend of mine who loves these ID challenges and I’ll let you know what he comes up with.

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