Friday, October 26, 2018

Slow going

Seems to me that usually by now there is all sorts of stuff to be reporting.  It is sure slow going this year!

we had a little bit of rain yesterday and overnight.  I think it brought the water levels up just a touch.  There were actually a few salmon over in the far side of the log bay today....

and quite a few more just out from it.  Also more ducks showing up....

Mallards and Green Wing Teal in this photo but also some American Wigeon and Hooded Merganser have been around.

still a far cry from last year....

when scenes like this were common ....

and the log bay looked like this!

there is starting to be a bit more Bald Eagle activity out there...this was just one section today.  More rain would raise the water levels condensing the feeding area.

Harrison Bay.....

hasn't been any better, 

although lots of gulls and quite a few ducks way out, but our last walk we didn't even hear an eagle, let alone see one.

As for the smaller birds, that has been rather interesting too....

I don't recall us having Cedar Waxwings still around this late in the season other years, yet there are large numbers of them this year.  Also Robins although their numbers seem to have lessened the last few days.

almost got a decent picture of a Ruby-crowned Kinglet today....until he turned his head!

In checking back in pictures I see the first swans showed up on October 28th last year.  I'll be very surprised if any show up that early this year!

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