Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A chilly start to October....

The 3rd of October and.....

yes, that is snow up on the hillside beside the estuary!  Didn't notice any on Mt. Woodside but it was on all the other mountain tops.

things are starting to get active....had to be between two and three hundred Canada Geese out'll note it was windy out on the river so they were in where it was calmer.

lots of ducks gathering out there this instance a pair of Bald Eagles flew over and put this bunch to flight.  Most are Mallards but there are some American Wigeon as well and I think Green Wing Teal and maybe even some shorebirds.

some Hooded Merganser as well.  Looks like maybe a female with her young.

This afternoon we finally made it over to Harrison Bay....

Very quiet out on the bay itself and seemed pretty quiet elsewhere too although we did end up with some sightings, including a few interesting ones....

this one being a Song Sparrow of course....

and an American Robin....there were actually lots of these guys feeding on various berries.

but here was a's rust coloured tail makes identifies it as a Hermit Thrush....only one I've ever seen here.

and another surprise given the time of year, a Black-throated Grey Warbler.

several Northern Flicker, including this female....

and if you look closely you can see the tail of one here, with a European Starling above...both eating the berries of the Red-Osier Dogwood.

also a lot of Cedar Waxwings, like these two it appeared that they were mainly young ones.

As far as Eagles and Salmon go....well no sign of any Salmon yet - they will be out in the river, but the Chum that come into the shallow areas of the estuary will be a week or two away yet....and until the fish come, not many eagles around....have seen a half dozen or so at a time but that is pretty much it.

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