Tuesday, October 9, 2018

First Chum Salmon & Sparrows

The first Chum Salmon was spotted off of Eagle Point park today....sorry, no picture.  It was a beautiful day today but it sure was quiet in the bird department.

Yesterday we had taken a walk over at Harrison Bay and it was pretty quiet over there too but what we did see gives a lesson in Sparrow identification, so here goes....

Gold-crowned Sparrow - this time of the year, just a slight wash of could possibly be a young one too as I'm not sure I know what a young Gold-crown actually looks

this one should be familiar....the streaky Song Sparrow....

a young White-crowned Sparrow....

and the find of the day....

a Lincoln Sparrow....unfortunately the little guy really stuck to the back of the bush so couldn't get a clear picture, in fact I didn't know what it was at the time....wasn't until I downloaded that I could make the ID

and this is just a 'seasonal' scene along the river.

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