Saturday, January 20, 2018

Winter doldrums

It is just that time of the year.....not a whole lot happening....

occasionally we get a glimpse of sun (and fresh snow on the mountains)

but most of the time it is just gray, damp and chilly.  This being Harrison Bay the other day where the only bird activity was centered around nearby feeders.

most notably a Gold Crowned Sparrow....the 'gold' on the head just starting to increase in brightness.

some regulars like this Spotted Towhee....

lots of House Sparrows hanging out there too.  Also saw not one but two of the black colour variation of the Gray Squirrels but they sure aren't cooperative for photos.  Don't blame them though as the few eagles around are now in hunting mode.  The other day a neighbour witnessed 2 adult bald eagle hunting a native Douglas Squirrel, killing it, and then a young eagle diving in and taking it away.

back up our way, the female Belted Kingfisher was back at the log bay after  having not been seen for close to a month.

and speaking of 'being back'...

this morning had just spotted these Common Redpolls right down on the path, good job I took this distant shot for proof, because a couple of totally walkers came from the other direction and there went the birds....the only good thing about that was....

while trying to spot where they may have flown too, I noticed these Pussy Willows!  Hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel - spring will arrive one day!

saw this female Northern Flicker today....

also today, the Evening Grosbeaks were around.  For at least 2 months now we have had 1 female (2nd from right) coming to our feeders, with up to 6 males showing up occasionally.

The species that seems to thrive on this dull weather....

is the Varied Thrush....the other day we counted 13 of them in our little yard.

so will leave you with one more photo...the log bay early this afternoon.

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