Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Gradually going away

Here it is, the 9th day of the new year already and we've been pretty confined because all that snow we got, just doesn't want to disappear, despite the rain we've had the last little while.

on the 2nd, that was as far as we could get - that is my little monster zooming around out there having a ball!

on the 6th, we made it as far as the first bay but couldn't get any further

then yesterday, the 8th we made it to the log bay.  As you can see, there isn't much around.  A few eagles, a couple of Mallards, the occasional swan but that is about it although yesterday,

the bushes all along the trail were alive with little birds.  Chickadee's of both kinds, the one above being a Chestnutback, but also lots of Gold Crowned Kinglets.  

and this lone male Hooded Merganser was there one day.

today we made it over to Harrison Bay.  This was actually our 3rd attempt.  The first 2 we hadn't stayed because the small area of the parking lot that had been plowed was packed with vehicles and the snow on the dike too deep to walk we had the place to our self.

the beach is still snow covered and it was just as quiet over here.  A few Swans and Geese, a couple of crows, a tapping woodpecker, and a pair of Kingfisher flying around and that was that....but it was nice to get out for a decent walk!

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